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Dufus Ex: A Man Decided Dufus Ex: A Man Decided

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Though I wouldn't call it the greatest animation ever, it is creative with its parody greatly and made very well. You earned yourself a fan!

Taliwacky responds:

Thanks I really appreciate that. I might turn it into a series as long as my pc doesn't crash again.

MattBoo and Braydog's Awkward Encounter MattBoo and Braydog's Awkward Encounter

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I think if you yourself are a beginner, it is pretty good but If I could say some constructive criticism: It looks like you're animating on you're IPad, so I'd suggest to use the mobile version of the website to post you're own creations. Next. To be honest, the mic's a little scratchy so I'd suggest maybe another mic for that. But overall, good for a beginner and keep up the good work

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BoxerBraydog responds:

Thanks for giving me your thoughts. I was actually on my Nintendo DSi when I made this. Which basically explains how inexperienced and cheap I was at animating. I have since switched to animating with a mouse on my mac using Sketchpad 3.7 ( ) and combining them together in iMovie. I then do the voice acting with the Mac Microphone. Now all that sounds a bit of like an idiot process to go through. BUT it does make for better quality(Well, at least when you compare it to THIS ANIMATION). To see how this helped me you can check out the animation I made BEFORE this one on my NG account. It's called "My MS Paint Review". You can give me your thoughts on THAT video too if you'd like to. Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it.